$G3 Phase 1:
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You're one step away from claiming your $G3 airdrop allocation from phase one, gamers. Follow the steps below to secure your airdrop.

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What is GAM3S.GG, and what are the criteria to claim the $G3 airdrop?

$G3 is the ecosystem token fueling GAM3S.GG and designed to empower gamers across blockchain gaming. From early access, exclusive in-game content, trading collectables, tapping into gaming identity layer and [REDACTED], $G3 is at the center of the #1 web3 gaming platform: GAM3S.GG.


More About $G3

The GAM3S.GG ecosystem token (G3) is a digital native token to the network providing access, rights and opportunities across features within the GAM3S.GG ecosystem.

What is GAM3S.GG?

$G3 Airdrop Eligibility

Where to get $G3?